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Our Community Centre is an integral part of MayAchik’ and a place where everybody can learn/ teach and share any knowledge or skill. It is also a place to help the local community and to volunteer.


The community centre is not just a physical place, but encompasses many different projects that are partly realized with local partners. We are always looking for volunteers to join us for the various projects and yes, we also need donations of any kind, ie. financial, clothing, food, school supplies, and items to help us develop our workshops.

Currently we are looking for motivated people who want to support us with our projects in and around San Juan:
1. Teaching English to 13 and 14 year-olds in La Salle, a secondary school in San Juan
2. Teaching English to children (5-7 year-olds and 8-10 year-olds) in Palestina, a small village in the mountains
3. French Classes for local teenagers and adults – beginner level
4. English Classes for local teenagers and adults – beginner and advanced level
5. German classes for local teenagers and adults – beginner level
6. Art and language classes for local children

Please email us if you are interested in volunteering, in collaborating with us or in giving a donation.

Language tandems

Language tandems are a great way to learn and practice a language. There are many locals in San Juan who want to learn foreign languages and are happy to teach their languages in exchange. You can teach them your language in return for Spanish or Tz’utujil classes.
A typical language tandem would be 1 hour of English and 1 hour of Spanish, a few times a week.

Workshops & courses

The workshops are an opportunity for everybody to learn and share their skills and experiences. We have weekly English classes and occasionally workshops on topics such as yoga, painting, cooking, weaving, ecological construction and permaculture. Participation is completely free on donation basis and we also encourage guests to hold a workshop based on their own skills. We are always looking for skills and opportunities to include new topics. If you would like to offer a workshop please email us with your proposal at

Scholarship Program

Although there are many schools in San Juan, not all kids can study because their families cannot afford the school fees, uniform or school material. This is especially true for high school (basico and diversificado in Guatemala). With our scholarship program we want to facilitate higher education for teenagers from poor families.

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