About Us


Mayachik’s history

Mayachik was founded by Evelyn Leithner who is originally from Austria, Europe. In 2002, she decided to travel the world and spent a year getting to know various countries, cultures and different types of hostels. It was during this trip that she started to develop the idea of creating an ecological hotel as well as a vegetarian restaurant. However, not having found the perfect place yet, she kept travelling for the next 8 years, always looking for the place where she could make her dream come true.

Back in Vienna, she frequented a community center in which she participated in various activities, especially in community dance classes. Enjoying this experience, she decided that a community center would be part of her dream as well.

In 2010, Evelyn visited Guatemala for the second time and discovered the little town of San Juan La Laguna. She immediately fell in love with this hidden gem, the friendliness of its people and the Mayan culture. After sharing her ideas and plans with the locals and receiving a lot of support and positive reactions from them, she decided to stay in San Juan and chose it to be the place where she would make her dream come true.

The name Mayachik was created together with various people from the village. The intention was to come up with a meaningful name in the local language Tz’utujil. Mayachik is a combination of 3 different Tz’utujil words:
Achik´= dream
Maya = the Mayan culture
May = magic
This way, our slogan “Magical Mayan Dream” was created.

Our Vision

Our aim is to position ourselves on a national as well as international level as one of the best hotels and vegetarian restaurants using completely organic ingredients. We seek to create original dishes by combining traditional recipes with international elements, while placing a high value on premium quality and ethical principles that come naturally with our vegetarian cuisine.

We are constantly trying to live up to our clients’ expectations and become their preferred choice by offering completely ecological services in our hotel. Our goal is to be renowned for our ecological site, high-quality services, and an excellent atmosphere in the midst of nature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote an ecological lifestyle in our hotel while offering our clients the best service and comfort for an excellent stay. We want to be a role model for the local community and show them that by recycling, using renewable energy and re-using water, an environmentally-friendly lifestyle can be achieved.
It is important to us to interact with locals as well as travelers since exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge not only contributes to our personal development but also plays a crucial role for the development of our community center.

We are constantly trying to innovate the typical vegetarian Guatemalan cuisine in all of its aspects and to raise our high quality standards so that they fulfill the expectations of our clients.

Our Team

Enjoy your time together with locals from San Juan who make up the team of Mayachik’! Together with them, you can experience the culture of San Juan and learn about its language, customs and traditions.
The team of Mayachik will help you with any questions you might have and is happy to provide you with information about San Juan or other places in Guatemala.

Evelyn Leithner is the founder and dreamer of Mayachik’ who, by creating this project, made a life-long dream come true. She lives together with her team in San Juan and engages herself in various community projects.

Elvia Cholotio is the manager of Mayachik’ and very often the first contact person. She is originally from San Juan and is always happy to exchange her culture with you and to help you with any questions you might have.

Dina Pantzay and Gricelda Mendoza are the cooks who prepare mouth-watering vegetarian dishes in our restaurant and will help you with any problem you might have. Just like Elvia, they are originally from San Juan and very friendly and smiling girls.

Manuel Ujpan is the gardener and housekeeper who ensures that everything runs smoothly in the garden as well as in the hotel rooms. Being a very helpful and always-smiling man, he is eager to communicate with you and will help you with any problem.

Our team is available at all times to answer your queries and provide information and will make you feel at home at once! We are always happy to meet new people and are very much looking forward to welcoming you here in Mayachik’!

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